The recipe of me-tag

heyyy guyys, so, today, you will learn how to make the most iconic feature known to humankind, also known as,, myself,I, yours truly.

Thanks to Haru for nominating me!!


5 tonnes of retardedness, we need plenty if that.

70 tonnes of sarcasm, and attitude

80 tonnes of laughter,

250 tonnes of nicenesss (IKR!!!)

a pinch of silliness,

a earth size mound of badassery

add a few spiders in with the mix, this symbolises how fucked up i am,

skin a parrot, and put the feathers in the mix, a symbol for the fact that i cant shut up

and stir well, for two months straight , under full moon, while hidden in a cave, with blue heather, and rain falling from the south. And a lightsaber guarding the entrance, backed with a magic harry potter wand. why?!cos im impossible to recreate, and im full of bullshit:)

once this is done, feed it to a bunny, cos i can e really nice,

and you have it



God save all dressed in green
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen

god has helped us, make moi



now, god pease, save the world from a cave with blue heather, raining south, lightsabers and wand cos earth isn’t ready for another me, it can barely survive with one me, if , you want proof see:

global warming, trump, brexit, ebola, the suns gonna blow, and gobble up mercury and venus, then scorch earth, etc etc. all cos the earth cant handle me:))

I nominate bridieashby , twinkels and averyawkwardblogger ,

bye guysxxxxxxxx

The mystery blog award

Oh, wow, thanks guys, I’ve gotten an award on the second day of this new blog:)

THANK YOUUUUU to the AMAZING twinkels, like she’s my blogger BFF-thats prob the biggest giveaway ever to finding out my old blog:)but like, you should totally check out her blog, cos it’s waaayyyyy better than mine:)



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This award was created by Okoto Enigma!!

About Me:

1.I am not your average human being. im batshit crazy!!

2. my real name is Mahjabeen- there goes the anonymity thing!(too difficult to keep up with anyway!

3.Today, an hour ago, my mum was like shouting from her bedroom being like if you dont eat porridge, for breakfast, you aint gonna get any crisps. Crisps, my dear american readers is the English way of saying potato chips. I grudginly opened the cereal packet, a it too roughly, and it ripped open, and the porridge flew all over me!!!It felt like one of those movies where the villain gets pranked like home alone!


  1. Whats your favorite song?That would be, reminder by the weeknd
  2. How long have you been blogging? Nearly a year altogether, however, on this blog, two days!!
  3. What 1 food do you hate? sweet potato+brussel sprouts (it is one type of food, and that one type being disgusting!)
  4. Do you have any brothers or sisters? UNFORTUNATELY.:O
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?IDK, I really love living in London, but I suppose for a holiday, that would be Dubai.

My Questions:

1.What is your most embarassing moment

2. which country are you from?

3. do you have your own bedroom?annoyingly, i dont!

4. If you could have everyhting in the world, what would be the first thing you would wish for?

5. Annnd finally, describe yourself!!

I Nominate:

A very awkward blogger





Parents evening-im dead.

and now, yes, twinkels nominated me for an award, nearly done that, wil post once i have linked the people im gonna nominate!!

AAnnndd now, to more pressing matters, parents evening.


My maths teacher, like i swear she fucking spent a centure trying to figure ot all the shit things to say to me. all the other teachers wren’t so bad, but they all said i was far too chatty, but im not saying it against them, cos its fair enough they said that(like, they didnt even tell my parents about all the other shit i do). BUT THAT MATHS BITCH. she fucking exxaggerated eveything by a million like, is that necesary? Well, i fucking hate her.

ohh yeahh, and my bestie IRL was like to me, when she thought my mum wasn’t listening, OMG 5 teachers mentioned your name to me

wow, that moment when you realise your friends are sooooo smart:))

we had maths lesson again today(parenst evenign was last night)

since the teacher told me off for being nice and silly and happy, and slightly dopey, i decided to go into silent sarcastic bitch mode. doing everything perfectly, ignoring her, only whispering not shouting to friends, smirking at her face and answing everything with a sarcastic remark. oh, yeah, and when she was looking at me, I stroked my hand down my neck, and made like a sexual looking licking face:) she looked so sorry she’d ever bitched and lied about me:)oh well, people learn from their mistakes, but looks like her mistake went a little too far!!and besides,, im having too much fun bitching at her, i dont feel like stopping:) but I am nice to every other teacher, so thats fine:)))cos sure, they did say baf stuff aout me, but obv, i know its fait enough, and its the truth!!!

my mum was just like, as long as you tried your best im happy with your grades, and i hope you try better with your behaviour next time.


this was hime:

‘im fucking sick and tired of dealing with all the crap you do(dealing? which isnt true, cos he’s never there!)diin’t you get tired of this shit? get the hell out of my face, cos all you’ll be good for is a rubbish job’

rubbish job?

thats bullshit. no job is rubbish, cos we need all jobs to make out lives run smoothly!and besides, he could’v said instead ‘ a job you don’t like’

anywazys, after his rant, my mum gave him a talking to, then he apologised, and talked like a human, but his face was like red like a tomato!!

bye guyysssxxx

The moment I have been dreading


what a drama queen i am

oh well,


my behavior has been terrible. theer’s no other way to put it. just absolutely TERRIBLE.

list of things i have done:

  1. shouted out a load of nonsense in the middle of a completely silent  lesson with a VERY strict teacher
  2. chatted back to every adult
  3. rarely fully completed a piece of homework, if i bothered attemptin it in the first place 😮
  4. extremely talkative, and inaproppriate
  5. my grades aren’t exactly redeeming:(
  6. teachers hate me(partly my fault, partly theirs)
  7. I haven’t really tried being at all good
  8. only me and 2 other peopel in my ENTIRE year have gotten the worst attitude grade possible
  9. whats worse: all the teachers always be llike to my parents “you daughter is so bright. got soo much potential. blah bla bah. she dont apply herself. or try eing good. blah blah blah .disruptive

so, you can see, why im dreading it.

oh well, i can only try to be better for next time:)

my mum was like:

“i hope you’ve been good, cos theyre will be severe consequences for you if you have a bad report”

im just their like i wouldn’t bet on me getting a good report.

bye xx



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My name is – oh yeah. I’m keeping my name anonymous. WHY? you may wonder!That is, because, in my previous blog, i told some classmates about it because, they wanted to know, and nothing against them, they’re so amazing, and i love every single one of them, but, well, is it just me, or do you not to mix your real life and blog  life? Especially, because i’m living in a fantasy down here! Even though, I love my class so much, i just don’t want to be found out you know?

Some of you might know me from my other blog if I have told you who I am, or you might even recognize my writing style-actually, maybe not, as usually, in my blog posts, they are VERY slangy and informal, at least my more recent ones seem that way.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and please like, follow, comment, and most of all, come back soon!!

bye for nowxx